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The TJ-100 by PBS Velka Bites
Turbojet engine for light aircraft

The TJ-100 turbojet engine is designed for UAV, UCAV, experimental aircraft and motorized gliders. The engine is characterized by compact design, excellent thrust/weight ratio and low fuel consumption for its size.

The TJ-100 is a classic design, with radial compressor, annular combustion chamber, axial turbine and fixed output nozzle. It is equipped with an integral 28V starter-generator, which provides starting, electrical power during operation, and engine cooling after shutdown. Engine operation and diagnostics are handled by an integral digital engine control unit.

Thrust: 110 daN (247 lbf)
Length: 625 mm (24.6 in)
Outside diameter: 272 mm (10.7 in)
Total weight: 20,6 kg (45.4 lb)
Electrical power output: 750 W; 28 V
Fuel: JET A-1, JP5, JP8
Specific fuel consumption min: 1,09 kg/daN/h (1.09 1/h)
Oil: 3 cST / 5 cST

Opearation range
Flight Altitude: 0 - 8000 m (0 - 26000 ft)
Flight Speed: < Mach 0,8
Start Altitude: 0 - 4000 m (0 - 13000 ft)
Starting Speed: < Mach 0,4
Operating Temperature: -30 ~ +50 C (-22 ~ +122 F)

Price: 44 250 Euros

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For more information, contact Desert Aerospace, LLC or PBS

The TP-100 by PBS Velka Bites
Turboprop engine for light aircraft

The TP-100 turboprop engine is designed for UAV, UCAV and experimental aircraft. The engine is characterized by compact design, excellent power/weight ratio and low fuel consumption for its size.

The TP-100 turboprop engine is under development by PBS. It is designed for modern UAV projects, light aircraft and other unique applications The TP-100 design is based on the venerable TJ-100 turbo-jet engine, a PBS design which is used as the core of the turboprop engine.

General design
The TP100 engine incorporates two independent shafts. A compressor and gas generator turbine shaft and a power turbine output shaft.
The gas generator assembly consists of:
- air intake
- centrifugal compressor stage
- annular reverse flow combustion chamber
- axial turbine stage, which drives the compressor
The power assembly consists of:
- axial single-stage free turbine
- speed reduction gearbox (output 1800 - 2158 RPM)
- forward power shaft and prop flange for hydraulic constant-speed propeller

Final specifications for the TP-100 have not been released yet. US sales of the TP-100 are being supported by Diemech Turbines, INC