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Jet Self Launching Sailplane
2010 TsT-14J BonusJet

The TsT-14 BonusJet is the first practical jet powered self-launching two place sailplane.  It features one-touch engine extension or retraction, one-touch endinge starting, 1000 ft/min climb with two people, a comfortable best climb speed of 75 knots, and an engine-extended glide of 28:1.  No other soaring motor glider will out-climb the BonusJet.  The BonusJet will launch two people from even the highest mountain airports safely, simply and reliably.  With no vigrating two-stroke engine or propeller, the BonusJet's climb and cruise is magic-smooth.  The BonusJet has over-wing fill portsk and its TJ-100 Jet engine runs on straight Jet-A fuel.  No messy fuel/oil mixing and mogas pumping.

Due to its relatively low weight, the BonusJet handles like a single place ship.  With a high wing aspect ratio and L/D of 40:1, it is capable of good cross country soaring performance, and will run with most sport class gliders.  It has fixed main and nose gear, so it great for beginning soaring pilots.

The BonusJet has been flying regularly from Moriarty, NM (6200' elevation), and has been used to demonstrate the virtues of jet powered sailplanes to dozens of interested pilots.  It has even been approved by the FAA for  'comparable aircraft' training toward authorizations in airplanes which us the TJ-100 engine.  Everyone who has flown it has raved about its elegant simplicity and how much FUN it is to fly.  It does not require any special authorization to fly, simply a motorglider endoresement.

The BonusJet is being sold with all of the goodies needed to make it an easy aircraft to own and fly.  Basic soaring instruments, LX digital engine display with SD card (front), PBS digital engine display (rear), Mountain High two place oxygen system, Beringer disc brakes, ballistic parachute, 2010 Avionic clamshell trailer, MM Fabrication wing dolly and towbar, and wing and tail GoPro mounts.

The PBS TJ-100 engine is a real jet enigne (not a scaled up R/C model engine).  It features an integral starter/generator, spark ignition (not a glow plug),  recirculating oil system (not fuel/oil mix),  integrated system, FADEC, automatic starting and cooldown.  It was 0-times by PBS with the latest upgrades in March of 2016, and now has 27 hours (300 hour TBO).  Total time on the airframe is 260 hours.

General Specifications

Manufacturer: COMP-LET, s.r.o., Test Gliders

Certification Type: Experimental - Exhibition & Racing

Wing Span : 17m

Wing Area: 2.01 m2

Aspect Ratio: 24

Length: 8.24m

Number of Seats: 2

Climb rate (MTOW 2 persons 98% RPM): 1000+ ft/min

MTOW with BRS: 1234 lbs

Vne: 111 knots

Max. maneuvering speed: 85 knots

Stall Speed: 38 knots

Max. glide ratio: 39 at 57 knots

Min. sink rate: 126 ft/min at 46 knots

Max. permitted load factor: +4 / -2 G

Max. calculated load factor: +5.2 / -2.6 G

Fixed front wheel, fixed sprung main wheel, free-rotating tail wheel

Detachable winglets

Wingtip wheels

Tinted fron and rear canopy with sliding windows

VHF antenna built into the tail

Push-To-Talk button in both control sticks

Sparco 4 point safety harness

Lead battery (2) 24 V DC / 14 Ah

Total Time on aircraft: 261 hours

Extra Options

All aircraft rescue system BRS (manufactured by Stratos 07 S.R.O.)

Aerotow hook

Tinted canopy

Beringer disc brakes

Tail dolly

Wing dolly (manufactured by MM Fabrication)

Towing bar (manufactured by MM Fabrication)


Engine: PBS TJ-100

Thrust: 1100 N (247 lb)

Engine weight: 19 kg (40 lb)

Starting sequence: Automatic

Shutdown / cooldown sequence: Automatic

Pylon / door sequence: Automatic

Fuel tank capacity: 24 US gallons

Fuel consumption at initial climb (98% RPM): 36 gal / h

Fuel consumption at sustained climb (92% RPM): 26 gal / h

Fuel consumption at cruise (80 KIAS): 17 gal /h

Clamshell Trailer (composite over aluminum)

Manufacturer: Avionic SP. J.

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