Jet Sailplane Training

Jet Ratings, BFR's and X/C training


We have obtained FAA and insurance approval for jet transition and 61.58 yearly proficiency training in the BonusJet.

Jet Glider Rating - Our FAA-approved training program features ground, systems and flight training to obtain a jet glider rating. It is also recognized by sailplane insurance carriers. The three day course includes up to approximately 8 hours of ground training and up to approximately 5 hours of flight training. It covers all aspects of jet sailplane operation. Here's a sample of the training syllabus:

Section 1 - Ground Training

General Overview
TST-14J Flight Manual
PBS TJ-100 Operations and Maintenance Manual
Extension/Retract Mechanism (ERM)
Fuel System
Front Cockpit Checkout
Pre-flight Checklists
Engine Controls, Display, Ground Starting, Shutdown
Transitioning into unpowered flight (in-flight shutdown & retract)
Transitioning to Powered Flight (In-flight extension and restarting)
Landing with power
Post-flight Checklists

Section 2 - Flight Training

Normal Soaring Flight (Self-launch, shutdown, retract, land no power)
Flight with restart (Self launch, shutdown, retract, restart, land w/power)
Pattern Practice (Multiple takeoffs, shutdown, retract, land no power)
Advanced Training (Solo preparation – Patterns, emergency procedures)

Upon completion of an evaluation with a qualified airman, you will be issued a rating for the TST-14 jet sailplane. This rating will appear on your pilot certificate (similar to an a jet airplane type rating). This course also counts as a BFR. Note: A private pilot certificate with glider rating is a prerequisite for this course.

Typical cost approximately $2000 plus Examiner's Fee  (Cost will vary with experience level)

Subsequent FAR part 61.58 Yearly Proficiency Checks are available for as little as $750.
This qualifies for annual currency in any experimental jet for which you are rated!

You can also take advantage of New Mexico's fabulous soaring conditions in the BonusJet.

Training may be conducted at your airport by arrangement.