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Jet Sailplane Training

Our FAA-approved training program features ground, systems, and flight training to obtain a jet glider rating. The training program can also be tailored as "comparable aircraft training" for other aircraft utilizing PBS Engines including the SubSonex and BD-5. The three-day course includes up to 8 hours of ground training and 5 hours of flight training in the two-seat, twin jet engine FoxJet. Covering all aspects of jet sailplane operation, our training program is also recognized by sailplane insurance carriers.

Upon completion of an evaluation with a check airman, you will be issued an authorization for the FoxJet sailplane. This rating will appear on your pilot certificate (similar to a jet airplane type rating). This course also counts as a BFR.

Jet Ratings & BFR's

  • Prerequisite: A private pilot certificate with glider rating

  • Typical cost: approximately $2500 + Examiner's Fee* 

  • Subsequent FAR part 61.58 Yearly Proficiency Checks are available for as little as $1000.

    • Qualifies for annual currency in any experimental jet for which you are rated!

* Cost varies with experience level


take advantage of New Mexico's fabulous soaring
conditions in the BonusJet

Sample Curriculum

Section 1 — Ground Training

  1. General Overview

  2. FoxJet Flight Manual

  3. PBS TJ-100 Operations and Maintenance Manual

  4. Fuel System

  5. Fueling / Defueling

  6. Front Cockpit Checkout

  7. Pre-flight Checklists

  8. Engine Controls, Display, Ground Starting, Shutdown

  9. Self-launching

  10. Landing with Power

  11. Post-flight Checklists

Section 2 — Flight Training

  1. Flight with restart *

    • Landing with Power

  2. Pattern Practice

    • Multiple Takeoffs

    • Shutdown

    • Retract

    • Landing without Power

  3. Advanced Training

    • Solo Preparation — Patterns & Emergency Procedures


* Includes self launch, shutdown, restart

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