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Desert Aerospace, LLC. is the driving force behind the design of the world's first twin jet sailplane and the Super Salto Jet Sailplane. Both aircraft have been flown by Vertigo Airshows regularly at airshows around the world.


Bob served as the chief test pilot for these aircraft and provided installation and operation guidance for the SubSonex PBS TJ-100 engine. 


As jet engines become smaller and less expensive, Desert Aerospace, LLC is poised to help bring jet aircraft to the average business and recreational pilot, as well as exploring other uses for this emerging technology.

Twin Jet Sailplanes

Experience the ease of self-launching gliders with our retractable twin jet system.


TsT-14 BonusJet

The BonusJet is the first truly practical jet self-launching sailplane.


Desert Aerospace designed the Tst-14 BonusJet Sailplane for soaring, research, and microJet transition training.


Simply, the highest performing sailplane in the world. The Arcus-J fleet has been smashing world competitions as well as doing high altitude research.


One Arcus-J was recently flown over 3000 km in a single soaring flight.


Some Arcus-J's have been fitted with NVG equipment.



Used by Vertigo Airshows for Day and Night show performances


Instrumental in the development of the SubSonex JSX-1 & JSX-2 for Sonex Aircraft, Desert Aerospace, LLC. offers "comparable aircraft training" for the SubSonex. 


Twin turbine sailplane
Beauty IS the Beast

Premiering in 2024 under the Vertigo Airshows banner, the FoxJet will set the airshow world on fire! FoxJet has TWO PBS TJ-100 engines for ripping to altitude, while still maintaining the capability of the elegant aerial ballet that Vertigo Airshows is most famous for.

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