Last update 28 November 2015


Transition training frequently asked questions:


Q: Can I get jet sailplane transition training in the BonusJet?

A: The BonusJet is in Experimental-Exhibition & Racing category. We have recieved a Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) per 91.319(h) to allow transition training to currently licensed pilots with a glider rating. As of this writing, we have finished the training program and have received final FAA checkout. Call or e-mail to get on our jet transition schedule.


Q: Can I solo the BonusJet?

A: We will allow qualified pilots to solo the BonusJet.


Q: Where will training be offered?

A: Currently, our plan is to offer training at Moriarty, NM (near Albuquerque). If enough interest exists, we may offer training at other locations.


Q: What will the training entail?

A: We offer a complete transition course, consisting of approximately 8 hours of ground traing and 8 hours of flight training over a three or four day period.


Q: What rating is required to fly the BonusJet?

A: FAA regulations only require a pilot certificate with glider rating, and a motorglider endorsement. Currently, no type rating is required.  MicroJet aircraft are developing at a rapid pace.  The FAA rules and guidance on them is changing constantly.  We'll post information here as it develops.


Q: Can you provide training for other jet motorgliders or airplanes?

A: Yes. Our training can be tailored to serve as 'comparable aircraft' training for other jet aircraft, such as the SubSonex MicroJet airplane.