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The XLJ Concept

Introducing the eXtreme Light Jet

The Silent-J, Super Salto and BonusJet sailplanes were designed not only as airshow and recreational soaring aircraft, but also as proof-of-concept aircraft to demonstrate the feasibility of a microjet powered manned aircraft. The recent advances in small business jets, or Very Light Jets (VLJs), have captured the attention of the aviation community with the promise of custom business transportation rivaling the speed and affordability of the airlines. But with price tags in the millions of dollars, they will still be beyond the reach of the vast majority of people. An eXtreme Light Jet (XLJ), could conceivably be built for as little as 5% the cost of a VLJ, providing a reliable, high speed jet aircraft to the average business traveler or recreational pilot.


Your Own Private Jet

Imagine the feeling of piloting your own personal jet aircraft! Based on initial projections, the XLJ will have an empty weight of 200 to 400 pounds, carry one or two persons and cruise at over 250 MPH. It will have a range of up to 600 miles and will achieve an economical 10 miles/gallon. It will have a purchase price only slightly higher than a fully-equipped SUV or luxury car. If this concept interests you, feel free to contact us.

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