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Carousel Hangar

Our own design and fabrication.


A unique 82' diameter carousel hangar that holds 8 sailplanes (gliders).


Electrically powered, The Carousel can rotate each aircraft to the door in under 1 minute.

Image by Tomáš Nožina

Hangar 57

Where all projects start

Although most of the space is used for our latest project, the office space and presentation room is used for jet glider training.

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Hangar 99

Our latest addition.


Completed in June 2021, this hangar offers 10,000 square foot of space for rent or projects.

Contact us today to find out what you can use the space for.

Aircraft Maintenance

Hangar 56

Where the magic happens

Our manufacturing shop offers capabilities for milling, turninging, tig, and mig welding, sand blasting, and more.

Contact us today to find out more.

Image by Christopher Burns
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