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Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Stories about anything - by Bob - February 12, 2023


Luckily, Brenda Hessler was shorter than me so I could look over her shoulder at test time, otherwise I would still be in Mrs. Ayers' English class at good ol' Beavis & Butthead High, Highland High School in Albuquerque (BTW, every person in Beavis & Butthead is a real person from my high school...but I digress). I hated English class. Sentence diagramming was the bane of my existence. Despite my disdain for English (as taught at B&BHS), I have always really enjoyed writing.

This page has links to articles I've written over the years. No particular agenda, just things that have been floating around in my mind. If it's been a tough week, I often disappear into a story to relax. Some of these articles make a point, but usually in a tongue-in-cheek way intended to be humorous. If you are easily offended, you have been warned. But then again, what you find offensive, I probably find funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

Enjoy these musings. I guess you might call this a blog, but I'm not really sure what a blog is. If you like something, pop me a note to say so. If you don't like something, write your own damned blog.

Bob Carlton - February 2023

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