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Last update 28 November 2015


eXtreme Light Jet (XLJ) frequently asked questions:


Q: What is the status of the XLJ?

A: As of this writing, the XLJ is in concept form only. Preliminary performance numbers have been determined, and the basic shape has been laid out. We are designing the XLJ with significantly simplified manufacturing processes, to allow it to be built in very short time. The jet engine installation alone could save hundreds of hours of build time.


Q: Will the XLJ be available as a kit?

A: Yes. We will also offer a builder assistance program to decrease the build time and provide a good work environment and guidance to assure a quality aircraft.


Q: Will the XLJ be available as an LSA?

A: No. Turbine engines are not allowed on LSA aircraft, and the XLJ's speeds will be way above the LSA limits.


Q: When do you expect the XLJ to be available?

A: Our energy has been focused on the Super Salto and BonusJet sailplane development. These are also providing experience for the XLJ project. As with most projects, we are working on funding.

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